Job Description
Executive Director
Autism Society San Francisco Bay Area

Autism Society San Francisco Bay Area (SFASA) is seeking an Executive Director to work 10-30 hours per week to lead the organization in its mission to build a stronger Bay Area autism community.

Autism now affects 1 in 36 children, and families and individuals are in tremendous need of information, support, resources, networking, recreation, advocacy, and, urgently, solutions for housing and long-term care. While SFASA cannot solve the autism crisis, it can serve as a platform for strengthening our community, engaging in advocacy, and helping families find the connections and help they need.

SFASA is currently a volunteer-run nonprofit organization that is an affiliate of national Autism Society of America. Its Mission, Vision, Values can be found at Its work centers on volunteer committees, eg, Executive, Finance/Fundraising, Information & Referral, Events, Conference, Advocacy, Communications, Board Development.

While SFASA provides supports for the entirety of the autism spectrum, it has a special focus on adults, and on the subpopulation most under-served by other Bay Area disability nonprofits—that is, the growing number of adults disabled by severe and profound autism.

SFASA does not have an office, and most of the ED’s work would be from home or a location of their choosing. The time commitment is to be negotiated depending on the circumstances of the prospective ED, and the final scope of work agreed upon.

Basic duties:

  • General management of SFASA’s operations and programs
  • Work closely with President, Executive Committee and Board of Directors on the above
  • Liaison with ASA National re affiliate requirements, including reviewing affiliate forms
  • Manage all HR issues (however, ED would be sole employee)
  • Basics: eg, all necessary government filings, taxes in cooperation with SFASA bookkeeper and accountant; check PO Box, manage mail, checks, bills, deposits, bank cards, email, and phone calls, review and pay insurance policies
  • Work with SFASA’s contract Administrative Assistant (who resides out of state)
  • Retain files: Bylaws, Operations Handbook, minutes, records and files, DOJ, SoS, Taxes, etc.
  • Write official SFASA letters in cooperation with board president
  • Attend board meetings, provide reports
  • Lead fundraising efforts, including meeting with prospective donors
  • Connect with other leaders in the autism and I/DD community to find points for collaboration
  • Develop general materials as needed; review and update general website content
  • With board president, oversee the work of the committees, help committees as necessary take part in annual conference planning
  • Attend SFASA-sponsored events around the Bay Area as necessary
  • Other work as directed by the president and board

Qualifications for ED:

  • College degree
  • Strong organizational and professional communication skills
  • Strong familiarity with Bay Area autism community and the issues it faces
  • Strong familiarity with issues relating to special education, public benefits, clinical care, housing, regional centers and policy
  • Strong personal skills, good sense of humor, team player, curiosity, patience, ability to multi-task
  • Fundraising experience and ability
  • Experience in management, ability to manage duties of nonprofit governance
  • Ability to travel around the Bay Area as needed

Proficiency with the following is desirable:

  • Excel, PowerPoint, Word
  • MailChimp (newsletter)
  • Canva (design)
  • WordPress (website)
  • YouTube channel
  • Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinar
  • Facebook (and perhaps other social media)
  • Quickbooks
  • GoogleGroups
  • PayPal


Pay is negotiable and will depend on the qualifications and experience of the candidate, and the scope of work determined by mutual agreement. Time commitment is expected to be 10-30 hours per week. Please note that SFASA contracts with an out-of-state administrative assistant for many tasks, not all management work of the nonprofit falls on the ED.

To apply:

Please email a cover letter and resume to [email protected] with the subject line: Executive Director Application. We appreciate your interest!

SFASA reserves the right to amend this job description at any time.

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