Summer Pool Parties 2023

SFASA's summer pool parties are events where families can enjoy an afternoon at a pool with their children with special needs. Sibs are welcome too!

The pool is mostly shallow and fairly warm. We typically provide snacks, music and extra pool toys. Pre-registration is required. Space is limited.

All 10 2023 SFASA Pool Parties take place on Sundays, and you can choose 1 of 2 sessions:
Session 1: 1-2.30pm [Important: If you would like to stay for Session 2 as well you must also register for that session, too.]
Session 2: 2:30-4pm [Feel free to arrive around 2.15pm to give yourself time to change and set up]

Location: AnT Swim School, 520 W Virginia St, San Jose, California 95125

Registration: Click on sessions below to register

Cost: $3 per person (swimming or not). You must pre-register; you do not need to bring a ticket, we will have your name at the gate.

Please note that this does not cover our costs; we are grateful to Pettinelli Financial for their support of our 2023 Pool Parties!

If you would like to donate, please donate to our #FedaFund (which helps fund SFASA events) here.

2023 Dates:

It was a great summer!
Stay tuned for the 2024 pool party dates!

Location details:
AnT Swim School
520 West Virginia Street
San Jose, CA 95125

Note: This address takes you to the Gardner Community Center, the pool is down the block toward the corner of Virginia and Delmas.
(Just off Hwy 280 and Bird, near Willow Glen)

Street parking is available
—> PLEASE NOTE that sometimes the parking right around the pool is a bit scarce. Please be prepared to park a block or two away.
• Bathrooms onsite
• Public park with play equipment is adjacent

Please bring:
Swimsuits (all family members are welcome to swim)
Goggles, if needed
Lounge chairs/beach chairs, if you would like
Drinks and snacks, if you would like
Pool toys, if you would like (though large rafts are usually fine some may not be allowed, at the discretion of the lifeguards)

Infants and toddlers who are not potty trained must wear the AntSwim approved swim diapers (from splashabout – ‘Happy Nappy™ Swim Diaper’, online or available at the swim school for $10). Older children and adults who are not potty trained may not use the pool.

Lifejackets for non-swimmers (the facility has youth sizes available to borrow)
Snacks and drinks (SFASA will not be providing toys, snacks or drinks this year to comply with health and safety rules)

Basic AnT Swim School Pool Rules
• At all times follow the instructions of the AnT Swim school lifeguard and supervising personnel.
• The use of AnT Swim school equipment is not permitted.
• Do not enter the pool if you suspect you have or have a communicable disease or an open cut or blister. Wear family appropriate and clean swim attire only.
• Shower before entering the pool or after use of toilet facilities.
• Infants and toddlers who are not potty trained must wear the AntSwim approved swim diapers (from splashabout – ‘Happy Nappy™ Swim Diaper’, online or available at the swim school for $10). Older children and adults who are not potty trained may not use the pool.
• Diving is prohibited.
• Spitting, spouting water from mouth or blowing the nose in the pool is prohibited.
• No extended breath-holding or hyperventilation.
• Only U.S. Coast Guard approved lifejackets and wearable foam flotation devices are allowed. Users must remain within arm’s reach of an adult.
• Do not run or engage in rough play in the pool area or bath rooms.
• Diaper changing in the pool area is prohibited.
• Do not bring animals into the pool area.
• Do not bring food, drink, gum or tobacco into the pool area. (concrete perimeter).
• Glass and shatterable items are prohibited anywhere in the facility.
• No alcohol.
• Toys, floating toys, water guns, etc… are allowed only at the discretion of the pool supervisor and lifeguard(s).

Additional Rules for SFASA Swim Parties
• An adult must always accompany a child or adult who may require assistance (either for his/her own or others’ safety) in the pool.
• Use of AnT Swim School Coast Guard-approved lifejackets is permitted and encouraged for those who might have trouble or cannot safely swim on their own. • These are child to teen size. Adults will need to provide their own.
• If an unsanitary condition occurs, the situation must be reported to a lifeguard or pool manager immediately so appropriate action can be taken to ensure safety. The family responsible for contamination may be accountable to pay for clean up and loss of pool use.
• Parents or caregivers must accompany children or disabled adults to the bathroom.
• No rough-housing or other behaviors that could endanger other participants.

In Memoriam

SFASA events are in part funded by the #FedaFund, created in honor of our late former VP Feda Almaliti and her son Mu, both of whom tragically perished in a house fire on September 26, 2020.

Feda was passionate supporter of SFASA events and co-founded our Pool Parties and Autism on Tap series. We miss them more than words can say.