Conference Videos

Conference Materials Received So Far:

Creating Special Needs Housing with a Family Partnership LLC
Anna Wang, Friends of Children with Special Needs

Addressing Medical and Health-Related Issues in Adults with Autism
David Traver, MD

Creating Homes for Adults with Developmental Disabilities
Dana Hooper, Life Services Alternatives

Regional Center Services: Understanding the New California Vendor Rate Model

Mark Jackson, Consultant

What Does it Mean to Be ‘Person-centered’?
Trudy Grable

A Person-Centered Approach to Special Needs Trusts
Stephen Dale, Dale Law Firm
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California State Benefits and Resources for Developmentally Disabled Adults
Myra Galt, Galt Advocacy

Seven Years In: Santa Cruz’s Coastal Haven Pocket Neighborhood and Common Roots Farm Today
Heidi Cartan, Coastal Haven

(Spanish) — Protecting Loved Ones with Disabilities through Conservatorship, Supported Decisionmaking and Other Alternatives
Jeanette Martinez, Special Needs Law Group

Self Determination and SARC – An Introduction
Evan Gilliland, SARC

Options for Living Outside the Family Home (focus on ILS/SLS models)
Dennise Jauregui, Housing Choices

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Live the Life You Want: Demystifying the California Self-Determination Program (SDP)
Alex Gillaspie, NeuroNav
Programs for Clients with Multiple and Complex Challenges
Denise Bradley, Harambee Consulting

The Value of Work and Understanding How Earnings Impact Your Benefits
Donna Feingold, HireAble
The START Model
Dylan Alto, YAI START

First Things First Financial Planning
Jason Matthews, Financial Planning
Special Needs Financial Planning – It’s a Lot More than Just a Trust!
Ken Prodger and Scott Gill, Special Needs Planning Group
Financial Planning for the Special Needs Community
Kyle Daniels, Mitchel Bortolotto, Stonebridge Financial
Protecting Loved Ones with Disabilities through Conservatorship, Supported Decisionmaking and Other Alternatives
Lorna Drope, Special Needs Law Group
All About the Family Home Agency
Monica & Jerry Montgomery, Golden State Residential Adult Program
What Happens to Your House After You Are Gone? The BAHC Legacy Home Program
Raymond Magpantay, Bay Area Housing Corporation

Supported Living Services (SLS): An Insider’s Guide
Sarah Fairchild, Parent; Fran Goodwin, Parent; Doug Pascover, Imagine Supported Living Services; Joe Shimpfky and Raul Rekow, Jr., Santa Cruz SLS
The Big Wave Housing Project — How a Group of Determined Parents Developed an Innovative Model to Build Housing and Community for Adults with ID/D (LSA)
Sharmean Heffernan and Felicia Lehner, The Big Wave
The Ultimate DIY: Creating Housing and Community for Our Disabled Children
Susan Riggle, Living Unlimited

Self Determination Program Pros and Cons
Valerie Montague, Attorney

Research Updates on the Use of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) for Targeting Core Symptoms and Co-occurring Conditions in ASD
John Hegarty, PhD and Thuc-Quyen Nguyen, MD, Stanford Medical Center

Case Examples of Neuropsychiatric Presentations in ASD: What Parents Need to Watch For
Janani Venugopalakrishnan, MD, Stanford Medical Center

Tips and Tools for Oral Care, at Home and in the Chair
Inge Henderson, SLP